Break through your armor and be fully alive with orgonomic therapy

Have you become trapped in your own armor?

Many people go through life literally encased in armor. At first it provided protection, but later it can manifest as:

  • Being guarded and defensive
  • Appearing overly calm and unemotional
  • Sitting back and passively waiting
  • Avoiding social situations and relationships
  • Acting overly-friendly and excessively trusting
  • Seizing control and being overly-opinionated

And this list is just the beginning. One basic tenet can be found in many ancient cultures, indigenous practices, and spiritual traditions: mind and body, psyche and soma, cannot be artificially separated. Modern science and medicine are increasingly arriving at this same conclusion.

Have you tried traditional talk therapy, but haven't achieved the results you’ve wanted? Are you on medication and beginning to grow weary of the side effects? Are you wondering if there’s another way?

There is another way

Orgonomic therapy, also called orgone therapy or Reichian therapy, is a type of somatic therapy that treats you as a whole person in an integrated, holistic fashion. This is true mindbody therapy as conceived and developed by Wilhelm Reich MD, the father of somatic therapy.

What exactly is orgonomic therapy?

Orgonomic therapy consists of two main components: character analysis and bodywork. Character analysis is a process of uncovering your habitual and automatic ways of reacting that:

  • help you to cope and get by in the world, but…
  • …also diminish your ability to experience pleasure, to achieve what you really want, and to simply feel.

Bodywork includes direct work on your muscles, assistance with your breathing, and exercises to express emotions.

How does it work?

Together, this fully integrated and holistic approach helps you to literally break through your armor, restore your natural flow of life energy, and regain the full expression of your true self.

This somatic therapy may help you:

  • Release difficult, deep, and chronically-held emotions
  • Generate profound insight from deep feeling
  • Expand your emotional awareness and expression
  • Relax and sleep better
  • Improve your sexual functioning

In addition, orgonomic therapy may help reduce:

  • Lack of sensation (dullness, deadness, and numbness)
  • Depression
  • Persistent anxiety and panic
  • Chronic pain or muscle tension
  • Irritability and agitation

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