Have the relationship you really want with couples therapy

Is your relationship a struggle?

Perhaps you are reading this page because you are trying to deal with challenges like these:

  • Fighting about the same things over and over      
  • Substance use      
  • Cheating and infidelity      
  • Sexual problems      
  • Control and power issues      
  • Feeling unloved and unadored

Maybe you feel like your partner is stuck and can’t or won’t get going and your frustration has reached a peak. Sometimes it might feel like your relationship is beyond repair. Perhaps you’re even wondering if you should stay or go.

Whatever you’re struggling with in your relationship, there is a path forward to get you to the relationship you really want.

Build a better relationship

Imagine how you will feel being in the relationship you really want. Through therapy, not only do many relationships survive difficulties, but many become stronger, deeper, and much more fulfilling as a result.

We specialize in helping couples from all sorts of diverse backgrounds to:

  • Resolve relationship struggles
  • Come together in true partnership to do what’s best for each of you and your relationship. Learn how to deal with chronic differences.

  • Figure out whether or not to stay together
  • Wondering whether to stay or go? Get solid and clear. Deepen your relationship even if an ending is coming or recommit from a place of partnership and deep contact.

  • Deal with sexual difficulties
  • Take a holistic and functional approach to sexual difficulties rather than just following a list of mechanical homework assignments.

  • Heal from cheating and infidelity
  • Have the boundaries and agreements of your relationship been violated? Cheating and infidelity can do more than just crack the foundation of your relationship; they can shatter it. You might be wondering if you can ever feel the same way again. Can trust be rebuilt? Explore and regain the safety and trust that forms the bedrock of your relationship.

  • Recapture excitement
  • There was a time when you were really excited about your relationship and couldn’t stop thinking about being together. Remember? Ignite and cultivate that again. It can happen.