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Associate Marriage and Family Therapist

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I am an Associate Marriage and Family Therapist (AMFT131923) who supports individuals, couples, polycules, and all types of families to recover from the effects of trauma. Mine is an IFS-informed (Internal Family Systems), relational psychodynamic approach, combined with mindfulness, creative arts, and somatic interventions, aimed at helping you feel – in every sense of the word – so you are empowered to heal.

An experience becomes psychological trauma when it (and you) gets stuck. How the traumatic event is resolved or, in so many instances not resolved, can have painful effects on your sense of identity and purpose, earning, relationships, everyday functioning, and even your physical body. After a recent traumatic event, you may need support in finding your footing again and trusting you are physically, relationally, and emotionally safe. Or perhaps a traumatic experience of the distant past was never resolved and you are newly concerned it may be threatening your current ambitions in life and love. In either case, you are ready to take back your power and thrive rather than merely survive in the aftermath.

Medical trauma, domestic violence, sexual assault, or sudden loss of a loved one are all experiences that can leave you feeling disconnected and destroyed. Additionally, social or familial alienation, attachment ruptures from adoption or family separation or divorce, difficulties in friendships or romantic relationships, career changes, and even relocation can also leave lasting scars that prevent you from feeling joy and connection. If you're looking for ways to improve your relationships and even sexual responses after trauma, I'm here to help.

To schedule a free initial consultation with me or to just learn more, simply give me a call at (323) 473-0181. You can also use my online booking to schedule a convenient time to talk with me on the phone.

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My education

  • MA Clinical Psychology, Specialization in Psychology of Trauma Studies
    Antioch University – Los Angeles, California
  • MFA Film, Specialization in Directing
    Columbia University – New York, New York
  • BS Radio/Television/Film
    University of Texas – Austin, Texas
  • BA Theater and Dance, Specialization in Acting
    University of Texas – Austin, Texas

My credentials

  • Internal Family Systems - Informed Therapist
    Internal Family Systems (IFS), an evidence-based psychotherapy, provides a clear and empowering method of healing. Stemming from the theory that the human mind is made up of many distinct parts, IFS allows you to deeply understand your thoughts, emotions, sensations, and beliefs through a compassionate lens. Building a trusting relationship with these distinct parts not only leads to profound healing but also cultivates a deep sense of inner harmony and self-confidence.

Who I work with

I work with people from all walks of life, including LGBTQIA+ and individuals from the global majority who experience marginalization. My approach is sex and body positive, and always (and in all ways) respectful of the intersectionality of identities. I have a particular interest in working with artists and survivors of sexual trauma, single or partnered, who want to (re)connect with their sense of desire, sexual agency, and sensual vitality.

Jessiline Berry AMFT

Associate Marriage and Family Therapist AMFT131923

supervised by Megan Mansfield PsyD PSY31497

  • 6363 Wilshire Boulevard Suite 520
    Los Angeles California 90048
    (323) 473-0181

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