• Remember who you really are

    Remember when you felt more like yourself: exuberant, fully alive, and able to experience what life had to offer? Remember when you felt in touch with yourself and just felt better? Perhaps you do, or maybe you don't (but you'd like to).
    Learn how to find your inspiration from within

  • Have the relationship you really want

    Do you ever wonder if good relationships only exist for other people, but not for you? Sometimes it's not easy being in a relationship. Dealing with relationship issues can certainly be a challenge, especially if you try to do it on your own.
    Learn how to stop struggling and build a better relationship

  • We're glad you found your way here

    Perhaps you're struggling with something, you want to grow and improve yourself, or maybe you just have an interest in orgonomic therapy, Internal Family Systems (IFS) therapy, Havening Techniques®, Ecotherapy or culturally-competent care. Whatever brought you here, please use this website to help you decide if it makes sense to give one of us a call. Together we can find out if therapy is right for you. Making that call could be an important first step in changing your life.

  • Resolve and move past longstanding conflicts and disagreements

    Are you looking for a way to really deal with whatever is keeping you and your family stuck? Families have a profound influence on who you are and what your life is like right now. Left unresolved, family conflicts and disagreements can become lingering grudges and resentments. Even as adults in families, past issues can make it difficult to have good family relationships today. Wouldn't you like to put those longstanding conflicts and disagreements behind you?
    Learn how to move forward

  • Be completely yourself with others

    Do you ever feel lonely even when you're with others? Is it hard to feel like you really belong? Sometimes it can be hard to remain true to yourself around others. Do you morph into someone different when you're in a group? You're a member of many groups and they affect you just as you affect them. Wouldn't you like to remain true to yourself around others?
    Learn more about group therapy

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