Brennan Jung PsyD

Manager of Operations | Licensed Psychologist

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Brennan Jung

I am a Clinical Psychologist (PSY34155) who works with individuals, romantic relationships, friendships, and adult families from diverse personal and cultural backgrounds.

I offer a relational, depth-oriented, and somatic approach to therapy that is meant to help you reconnect with authentic feeling, increase your emotional capacity, and expand your personality. While I am concerned with reducing your uncomfortable symptoms, I am also looking to see you become integrated as a person and help you find out who you really are. To do this, we create a safe relationship in therapy in which we can openly discuss your complexities and apparent contradictions, including not only your thoughts, but also your dreams, relationships (including with me), and your body's means of holding or expressing emotions.

For some patients, I utilize somatic (body-centered) therapy aimed at becoming a more whole self and overcoming patterns of emotional suppression and self-denial. Somatic interventions can also be incredibly useful in regulating and reintegrating with your own nervous system in order to heal from trauma.

I bring a unique background and training in spiritually-integrative methods to help you make the most of your religious and spiritual heritage. I frequently work with people from religious communities as well as those who are looking to recover from religious trauma or differentiate themselves from a faith tradition that they no longer hold.

To schedule a free initial consultation with me or to just learn more, simply give me a call at (747) 221-6354. You can also use my online booking to schedule a convenient time to talk with me on the phone.Find more information about me at:

Find more information about me at:

My education

  • PsyD Clinical Psychology
    Fuller Graduate School of Psychology – Pasadena, California
  • MA Psychology
    Fuller Graduate School of Psychology – Pasadena, California
  • BA Psychology
    Azusa Pacific University – Azusa, California

Who I work with

I have experience and enjoy working with all sorts of people from highly diverse socioeconomic and cultural backgrounds, including: LGBTQ, alt-sex, people from various religious communities, and those with deeply-held spiritual beliefs.

Brennan Jung PsyD

Manager of Operations | Licensed Psychologist PSY34155

  • 6363 Wilshire Boulevard Suite 520
    Los Angeles California 90048
    (747) 221-6354

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