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Megan Mansfield

I’m a clinical psychologist (PSY31497) who specializes in working with unique and diverse individuals who are struggling with trauma-based problems such as anxiety, depression, PTSD, poor self-esteem, and relational difficulties.

I view the therapeutic process as a sacred collaborative experience that ultimately heals the mind, body, and spirit. To achieve this, I use a deeply empathic and holistic approach that integrates permanent neurological healing and leads to genuine self-compassion, empowerment, and wholeness. As your therapist, I will help you not only heal symptoms but also transform them into personal strengths, allowing you to shift from surviving to thriving as your very best self.

An ideal therapist is someone who has expertise in the area on which you are hoping to focus, and more importantly, someone with whom you can build a trusting connection. Please give me a call to determine if we can create the right therapeutic relationship for you.

To schedule a free initial consultation with me or to just learn more, simply give me a call at (424) 278-4225. You can also use my online booking to schedule a convenient time to talk with me on the phone.

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My education

  • PsyD Clinical Psychology
    California School of Professional Psychology – Alhambra, California
  • MA Clinical Psychology
    California School of Professional Psychology – Alhambra, California
  • BA Psychology
    Arizona State University – Tempe, Arizona

My credentials

  • Internal Family Systems Therapist
    Internal Family Systems (IFS), an evidence-based psychotherapy, provides a clear and empowering method of healing. Stemming from the theory that the human mind is made up of many distinct parts, IFS allows you to deeply understand your thoughts, emotions, sensations, and beliefs through a compassionate lens. Building a trusting relationship with these distinct parts not only leads to profound healing but also cultivates a deep sense of inner harmony and self confidence.
  • Havening Techniques® Certified Therapist
    Havening Techniques® are a series of protocols that use the latest advancements in neuroscience to change the electrochemical makeup of the brain. This psychosomatic approach fosters permanent healing in the area of the brain that stores trauma and initiates trauma reactions, such as fear, anger, avoidance, people pleasing, and self-criticism. Along with healing trauma, Havening can be used to build neural pathways that enhance resiliency and empowerment, equipping your brain with the ability to more appropriately respond to challenging situations. Havening allows you to finally leave the past in the past and to choose how you want to face each day.

Who I work with

I specialize in trauma, especially trauma caused by sexual assault, domestic violence, or childhood abuse. I also work with those who have been impacted by car accidents, natural disasters, and/or medical trauma, including chronic illness/pain. Additionally, I love working with individuals who are looking to deepen their sense of identity such as college students and young adults as well as LGBTQIA+ folks.

Megan Mansfield PsyD

Licensed Psychologist PSY31497

  • 6363 Wilshire Boulevard Suite 520
    Los Angeles California 90048
    (424) 278-4225

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