Psychological consultation for the entertainment industry

Psychological consultation for character development, on-set dynamics, and performance

Character development and script consultation

Receive consultation from a licensed psychologist who can guide you through understanding the genesis (historical background and source) of psychological disorders as well as the fundamental defensive structure and motivations of your character.

On-set consultation and intervention

Understand the psychological dynamics on-set and uncover better ways to manage them with the help of a licensed psychologist. On-set individual, dyadic (pairs), and group intervention services are also available to alleviate toxic work environments.

Role consultation for actors

Receive consultation from a licensed psychologist in character motivation, underlying psychological conflicts and defenses, and subtle somatic (physical) manifestations of unconscious psychological drives in order to better portray the character you are playing.

Is this right for you?

Angeles Psychology Group offers writers, directors, actors, and other creative artists consultation on the psychological aspects of character development and the creative process.

  • Writers benefit from understanding and creating cohesive, psychologically-complex characters who are authentic and realistic.
  • Directors benefit from understanding the psychological dynamics at play on set and better managing them.
  • Actors benefit from bringing more of who they are to their role and deeply understanding the character they are playing.