Be completely yourself with others in group therapy

Do any of these sound like you?

I sometimes struggle with:

  • Saying what's on my mind instead of holding it in
  • Expressing positive or negative feelings toward others
  • Raising and resolving difficult interpersonal issues
  • Getting in touch with my feelings and expressing them in an appropriate way
  • Trusting groups and other people

I would like to:

  • Be more fully myself and express more parts of myself
  • Take ultimate responsibility for the way I live my life
  • Build more open and trusting relationships
  • Discover and accept unknown and unacceptable parts of myself
  • Be more socially confident and sure of myself

Group therapy offers you the possibility to:

Current groups we are offering

Black Men's Healing Group
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Emotional IQ
Self Exploration
Consen(t)sual: A Process Group for Women-Identified Participants
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Internal Consent
Consen(t)sual: A Process Group for Women-Identified, WGA Writers
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WGA Members